3 other PA kids in DD\'s Kindergarten

Posted on: Wed, 08/28/2002 - 8:15am
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pWhile I'm not perverse enough to feel glad that others are dealing w/PA, boy was I happy to hear that three other PA kids are in her K class. There are an additional three in another K class within the school. What are the odds of seven PA kids going to the same school?! Weird! I'll post their allergy plan at another time in a separate post...this school seems to be on the ball...hooray!br /

Posted on: Wed, 08/28/2002 - 9:18am
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That is just amazing! Is it a large school? How could a cluster like that occur? I wonder if there is something in your neighborhood that could explain it. Our school has never had a p.a. student other than my son. It's really too bad so many kids have this allergy, but I wish a few of them would transfer to my son's school.

Posted on: Wed, 08/28/2002 - 12:12pm
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We have another PA girl in dd's 2nd grade class this year. The other mom and I had sort of a funny phone call where we said things like "I'm so glad "Mary" is PA!"
There have been others with food allergies in the school before, but it has been since preschool that another pa/tna kid was in class with her.

Posted on: Thu, 08/29/2002 - 3:34am
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There are 3 children (including my son) with pa in 1st grade at our school. Last year I thought he was the only one but it turns out 1 of the others was supposed to ask about ingredients before he ate anything and apparently never asked (he was not in my son's class but I am good friends with some of the parents from the other class.) In fact, the other parents were never told he was pa! So much for teaming up with that mom - I am pretty laid back compared to a lot of parents here but I'm sure I look like the crazy mom at my son's school! I have no idea who the 3rd child is or even if he/she was there for kindergarten - they are all in different classes this year. Sometimes its worse to have additional pa kids in the school - not better!

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