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Our four year old son had his second reaction yesterday since he was first diagnosed at about a year old. We are not certain at all about what caused his reaction but suspect it may have been from goldfish crackers. He ate english muffin pizzas for lunch (he ate english muffins for breakfast from the same package as well), goldfish and orange slices. After lunch he went up for his nap and awoke later saying he had "the itchies" He had large and small welt like hives on his elbow region inside and out as well as welt like hives around his knees and three on his bottom. His ears were starting to turn red as well as his cheeks and his lips began to swell. I gave him liquid benadryl and headed to the hospital. My husband was in town so I had him go to the emergency room and let them know we were on our way and what the situation was. We communicated through cell phones (which I am we are very grateful we had because it made it slightly less stressful for Dad because I could relay our son condition to him) I actually ended up giving Oakley his epi Pen in the car ( I wasn

On Mar 14, 2002


I wonder if your child is developing a new allergy to something?

If he had ate these foods without a reaction before, it could be that it's not peanut contamination but a new allergy to something in the ingredients.

Just a possibility, I'm thinking the same thing with my son's hive today. I feel a little stupid going on about 1 hive when you or anyone elses child has had a serious reaction but it astounded me.

Worth keeping a diary on the foods he ate that day, avoid them like the plaque, since his reaction sounds pretty severe.

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On Mar 14, 2002

My ds reacted to something about 3 weeks ago and I am assuming it was the Ragu spaghetti sauce that I served him. I did not think that it was cross-contamination though, instead I assumed that he was also allergic to tomatoes. What kind of pasta sauce were you using? FWIW, his reaction to the pasta sauce (presumably a previously undetected tomoato allergy) was as bad or worse than any he had from peanuts or any of his other known allergens.

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Oakley's Mom,

I brought up "web abbreviations" up for you in the "Off topic" section, that should help you deciphering any code any of us use.