2nd child tested tomorrow...


Seeing Dr. Wood tomorrow! Please keep your fingers crossed that DD does not have PA / TNA allergy like her brother. We are a nut free house so she has not been exposed. I am so nervous and praying that she doesn't have it. What would it be like to send a child to school without all the extra worry...???? I have no idea, but I'd love to find out! Keep us in your thoughts!

On May 14, 2008

Good luck!!!!

On May 15, 2008

Good luck! I am going to get ds#4 tested for PA/TNA in about 6 months. He has never been exposed except for breastmilk for the first 3 months before we went peanut free. He has already tested + for milk and egg so I am nervous.

On May 15, 2008

GL!!! I hope it all goes well with negatives all the way around! Keep us posted on the results!

On May 15, 2008

I hope all went well today.

On May 16, 2008

Hallelujah!!! As you can see from my new signature, my DD has skin tested negative to peanuts and several tree nuts! I am so relieved!!! I guess I will find out what it is like to send a child to school without the added worry of her having a food allergic reaction after all! Dr. Wood decided to do a skin test due to her situation of being age 3 and had never been exposed. (They also tested for fish and shellfish while we were there-also negative) While we were waiting for test results Dr. Wood asked DS if he wanted his sister to have the allergy or not. DS said he hoped she didn't. Dr. Wood warned after we saw the results that DS might end up having a hard time with it. Dr. Wood said most siblings say they want the other to have the allergy too. I said that DS has several times said that he sure hoped his sister didn't have the allergy like him....that he is a great brother. I've also had several talks with him prior to this to let him know that no matter what her results would be that we will continue to be a nut free house and things are going to be the same because our family is a team. The only thing that will be different is that DD will be able to eat freely at school and friends houses. I won't have to worry about her (as much). He seemed great about it all. Then last night as we went to bed, DS said with a litle tear in his eye that he was happy for his sister on one hand, but not happy on another cause she will be able to eat anything she wants and not worry. It was so heartfelt in the way he said it, that I cried a bit myself. This does have to be hard for him - he is only 6. Now I feel extremely guilty that I was so happy when they said the results, but I couldn't help it-I was so relieved!!! Why didn't I see this was going to happen? I feel like a horrible Mom... We let DS pick what he wanted to do while we were in Baltimore after the appointment (taking Dr. WOod's advice). Of course, he wanted to go to the ESPN Zone where we had a great time. We also ate there-the service was wonderful. As soon as I mentioned one of my children had a life-threatening food allergy they sent out the chef who definitley understood food allergies. I was very pleased! Thank you all for your support...I appreciate it!

On May 16, 2008

so happy for you!!!

On May 16, 2008

That is great news!

I am sure it is a bit difficult for your son, it sounds like he is a great big brother.

On May 16, 2008

WONDERFUL WONDERFUL news!!!! I'm so glad she didn't test positive for anything.

I can certainly see why your son would have a hard time with it though. He does sound like he is a wonderful big brother and so caring.

On May 18, 2008

My kids have always been great to each other. However my son, who skin tested negative to peanuts at age 4 while my severely PA daughter was 6, did like to rub it in a bit that he would be able to eat peanuts. It was actually a bit of a joke between them and she only became offended if he pushed it a too far. Of course he never ate anything peanut anyway because we all abstained in order to avoid residue. But one day, at age 7, he tried 2 honey roasted peanuts at a friend's house. He loved to talk about how much he liked them. But the great irony is that 6 months later he tested positive for peanut allergy! We all had to laugh. My daughter actually felt sorry for him. The good news is it really didn't upset anyone, I think we all had a "been there done that" frame of mind.