22 month old sudden allergy?


My son's favorite food has been PB and J sandwiches. We adopted him 4 months ago and introduced foods slowly. He showed no sign of allergy but the last two times he had PB and J he had some hives on his chin and he stopped chewing and just let the food sit in his mouth and drooled. He seemed content and it didn't last long. The first time it was a little over an hour and the second time perhaps half and hour. Can these PA's develop slowly or suddenly? Will it get more severe?

On Mar 21, 2002

My daughter ate PB sandwiches and on crackers for a couple of months and gradually was noticably allergic. She developed increasingly red, scaly cheeks that "bloomed" immediately on the last exposure, and very itchy eyes. She was messy, so it was hard for me to tell if she was just rubbing the mess on her face, and due to several allergies(we did not know either), is an eye rubber anyway.

Please stop giving it to him and see your ped. for testing, or better yet, an allergist. In our area, it takes 6 months to get an appt. with the popular ped. allergist, so our ped. did the blood RAST test to peanuts and eggs(she reacted with those too), until we could see the specialist. You would want an epipen Jr. as well if it is the peanut. Best wishes. Becca