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21yr old with sudden PN allergy?

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hi, this is my first post here. I was searching for peanut food lists and came across this site, and it's helped me a ton so far.

I don't know if anyone has heard of this before, but I used to eat peanut foods without ANY problem all of my life, and last October I started having problems. It was Halloween time and I had been eating my fav candy, reeses pumpkins, which I have never had a problem with reeses. I started feeling like I had the flu, and started getting this nasty rash under my lower lip (something that looked like severe chapped lips with a cold), eventually the lip was getting very bad and looked like it was eroiding away. We didn't know what was going on, so we figured it was just a cold. So I started chugging down orange juice (it was the healthy heart kind to lower cholesterol) and the lip thing still wasn't going away. So to make the long story short, my mom and I started eliminating foods, and once we cut out the peanuts, everything cleared up. I also had run out of the orange juice by then and just recently my mom read the label, and it contains plant sterols to help the cholestrol and it has peanuts in that (basically I was fueling the fire). I had an appt with an allergy dr and he did the 100 needle allergy test (ouch), and the blood work, and both were negative for peanut allergy. Instead of running the other tests you can do, he simply said to avoid them. I wasn't very happy with that and my primary dr ended up ordering an epi pen for me because I'm really afraid of eating something by accident or not knowing and having the reaction get worse. Has anyone ever heard of this type of sudden onset of PN allergy for someone who is 21 years old? Thanks for taking the time to read this.


On Feb 28, 2007

Hi Laura Yes, it is possible to develop allergies to something that has been tolerated before. There are several adults on this board that have developed PA in adulthood. It sounds like avoiding peanuts and peanut products (in your case) is reasonable. Did you test positive for anything (of the 100) that you were tested for?

On Feb 28, 2007


Originally posted by kandomom: [b]Hi Laura Yes, it is possible to develop allergies to something that has been tolerated before. There are several adults on this board that have developed PA in adulthood. It sounds like avoiding peanuts and peanut products (in your case) is reasonable. Did you test positive for anything (of the 100) that you were tested for? [/b]

Nope, I didn't react to any of the 100 or so jabs. I was relieved to know there wasn't anything else (besides Codeine allergy), but frustrated I had to go through that for "nothing". I miss my reeses!

On Feb 28, 2007

It is also possible to have false negatives and false positives in the skin prick test. Although your skin prick test was negative, because (it appears) you reacted to peanut/peanut products- you should definitely avoid it. Time to check out the 'peanut butter' alternatives! Soynut butter, sunflower butter and pea butter.

On Feb 28, 2007

My daughter was 18+ when she started reacting to peanuts. SPT was positive. She was already allergic to 2 tree nuts, and has since tested positive to more, and has reacted to another. She avoids them all now.

On Feb 28, 2007

we have made candy with chocolate and sunbutter before and it was wonderful. try it if you find yourself missing the reeses too much. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] i think the candy we made was like buckeyes (the chocolate balls filled with peanut butter) but we used the sunbutter in place of the pb.

On Mar 1, 2007

My food allergies, including peanut, were adult onset. I was in my early 20s when they showed up.

Skin pr*ck tests (SPT) aren't terribly reliable for food allergies. RAST is somewhat more useful, but observation is generally most reliable. My most recent allergist relied on a combination of RAST, food diary (observation), and elimination/challenge for food allergies. SPT was only used for environmental allergens in his office.


On Mar 1, 2007

My son is peanut allergic since forever. He's 22. Recently I started becoming sensitive to soy. My lips and tongue would swell.

I went and had allergy testing, tons of jabs and NOTHING came back positive. I felt so stupid but the allergist said avoid avoid avoid.

Soy still bothers me and I avoid it when I can. A few other things bother me but not consistently. I act as if I am allergic to them anyway. You never know when a tingly lip can turn anaphylactic.


On Mar 1, 2007

Hi. I'm glad you found this board. Read through and learn about different ways to avoid peanuts and cross contamination. Read all labels, ingrediants and allergy info.

I became allergic to peanuts when I was 26. It took me a while to figure out what was going on because the reactions were so long after I ate peanuts/peanutbutter. Then the reactions were worse and I did the same as you, because I felt like I was choking on sand, I drank orange juice hoping it would get rid of that feeling. I didn't even know that was an allergic reaction. One day I was choking so bad I couldn't breath in between. Who knew. I probably needed to go to the ER. Thankfully it cleared up. I didn't know what was happening.

Edited to add that my test for peanut allergy turned up low but I avoid. I became sensitive to traces too. I would avoid them and also avoid may contains. Tree nuts can be contaminated with peanuts too. Also some bakery items. If there is food on the same table with peanuts the "safe" food will get contaminated with peanut salts from people touching one dish then another. It happened to me.

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On Mar 5, 2007

Hello, welcome! Yep, my tingly lip thing with bananas turned ana. in my late teens, so it can happen. Glad you got an epi and found us.

On Mar 6, 2007

I have adult on-set allergies to peanuts and sesame seeds. Initially I tested negative to everything as well.

There is a recipe on this board for home-made reese cups made with peabutter. They were very messy to make -- but yummy!

On Mar 12, 2007

I began having a sensitivity to peanuts when I was about 26. Since I only experienced occasional edema in one of my ankles, I assumed it was from a bug/spider bite or an old injury. In October of last year - at the age of 30, I had something similar to a TIA (non-damaging mini-stroke) with extreme vertigo and a metalic taste in my mouth. My doctor sent me for a CAT scan, which came back negative. It was not until about a month ago, that I noticed migranes and the edema connected with certain foods that contained peanut butter. After several "attacks" I finally went to the doctor, and he told me to cut out all peanuts and carry an epi.

I have not had an allergy test, but the reactions alone are enough to tell me that peanut products are a bad idea. Every day I am finding out that life is radically different, but having people to turn to helps.