2 yr old dx\'d with diabetes & also just had reaction to peanut butter - help please?

Posted on: Sun, 04/11/2004 - 10:50am
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Hello - I posted this on the "introduction" board but also am seeking help here:

My 27 month old son was diagnosed as having juvenile diabetes just last month (March 10th) and fortunately we caught that early and he wasn't yet sick but of course he had to stay in the hospital and we had to be educated on how to care for him, give insulin, etc. It has been a challenge.

Now last Friday he had finished lunch and wanted a "sandwich" so I put a bit of peanut butter between 2 crackers and gave it to him and turned back around to finish cleaning up the dishes at the sink. (he has had p.b. in the past but rarely and didn't like it or really eat it) He started crying and saying his nose hurt/rubbing his eyes and a lot of phelgm or saliva was coming out of his nose/mouth. I cleaned him up cause I thought he had just gotten the p.b. in his eyes. He did not EAT the p.b. but had held it and perhaps licked it. I took him in the bathroom and then I noticed his face swelling and hives coming up on his face - esp. around his eyes. His arms also had some hives. I called my HMO's nurse hotline immediately and they, to make a long story short, had me give benedryl right away and as the hives spread to his stomach they decided to call 911 for me. By the time the ambulance got here he was better - the bendryl had definitely helped. His eyes remained swollen the whole day though. The dr. says we should get a blood test in 3 weeks - to wait cause having the test now would be too soon. We were given an epi-pen in the meantime.

How likely is it that he is very allergic to peanuts? I can't believe he would be diagnosed with diabetes and a peanut allergy within 4 weeks of each other. We are just completely freaked out about it. We are proceeding right now as though he is allergic to peanuts. From the reaction he had do you think he is allergic to peanuts and perhaps highly allergic?

Any advice? If this is true - I don't see how he could ever go to a regular school. Any other folks with diabetic children with severe food allergies? I'm interested in anything folks think might help us with the peanut side of things as well.


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