2 year old \sibling\ had first peanut exposure...

Posted on: Wed, 07/17/2002 - 7:56am
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pWell, the inevitable has occurred: My two year old son, Matthew, (whose 7 year old sister is pa and tna) had contact with a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich today. It is unclear whether he got any in his mouth or whether he just touched it to his lips before it was taken away. He had no reaction, but this was definitely his first exposure. I was 100% careful during pregnancy and breastfeeding to avoid all peanuts and nuts. We've also been successful keeping them away from him until today. I was planning to wait until he was at least three before we attempted to learn his allergic status. (Either through testing or a challenge; I haven't been sure.)/p
pThis was the situation: this past year I participated in a "mommy and me" class at a pre-school. The entire pre-school is peanut and nut free, and the teacher is truly wonderful. The teacher decided to host a "messy day" activity morning at her house every Wednesday. This is a "drop off" situation, where we pay her to take care of our child for the morning. When she first announced it I asked her if she was willing to make it nut free. She said "yes" and that it shouldn't be a problem since we were all used to it any way. This discussion was in front of everyone. I had brought Matthew there three times before today and he had really enjoyed it and there had been no problems./p
pToday, I picked him up and the teacher told me that Matthew was fine, but that there had been a problem that she needed to tell me about. I immediately knew is was pb related, and I was right. What happened was that one of the moms had packed her daughter a pb and j sandwich, (she must have forgotten about the "ban"). Apparently she sat with her daughter while she was eating, and the teacher didn't even know she had it in her lunch. Apparently Matthew picked up the sandwhich and put it (at least) up to his mouth. The mother immediately realized the mistake and took it away. The teacher washed Matthew up and he seemed fine. /p
pThere's really nothing I can do about it now. I still really trust the teacher and think she is wonderful. I guess I am a little miffed at the mother for forgetting. I do understand that none of us are perfect, though. I guess I feel like she should call me and apologize, at least. The teacher said she will send out an e-mail to everyone reminding them not to send in any pb. She was so apologetic and kept checking to make sure I was O.K./p
pI am so glad Matthew didn't react, but I know that doesn't really mean much. I will just keep him away from it as much as humanly possible during the next year, at least, and hope for the best. I have been considering calling our allergist but I'm not sure that really makes any sense. There's probably nothing she can say or do that would make a difference./p
pThanks for letting me share. If anyone has any insights to share please let me know. Miriam /p
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