2 allow or not 2 allow non PA DD peanut snacks

Posted on: Tue, 04/26/2005 - 1:40am
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Hello all,

I have four months to deal with this but I wanted some advice. My 7 yr old DS is ana. to PA. My four year old non PA DD is about to attend our preschool at my DS's school. I do childcare in my home and my four year old daycare child will also be attending the same preschool. My DD has grown up knowing that we do not have peanut/nut products in our home or anywhere for that matter knowing it is dangerous for my DS. My llyo nonPA DD also chooses to not eat peanut/nut products, even at school when they offer it.

When preschool begins, the children will be given a snack daily. One parent buys the "weekly snack" for all the children in class, then the next parent, etc. How do I go about this?

Do I allow my 4 yo who chooses to not eat peanut products and has not eaten peanut products..to now eat these at school? Four year olds are messy..so that means that I would have to immediately wipe her down and change her clothes before allowing her to enter my vehicle or our home..this also includes my daycare child coming from the same school. (my PA DS is contact reactive as well)

Or, do I ask the teacher to not allow her to eat these things and ask if I can bring in her own snack? I am sure some would say this is overkill or overboard.

GEESH!! I thought I was done dealing with the school when my PA DS started... so much to consider.

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