1st birthday party


My son PA will turn 1 in 2 months and I was planning on making him a "from scratch" birthday cake for him only and them getting a bakery cake for everyone else. First, is the cake from scratch a good idea or would there still be a chance of a reaction? Second, should I even allow bakery cake at the party for contact reasons? Thanks in Advance!

On Apr 14, 2006

Is he just peanut allergic? If so, I would recommend making a cake yourself. I bought a large rectangular cake pan (1/2 sheet I believe). Use a Betty Crocker cake mix of your choice (I think two boxes is what I've used in the past). Line pan with parchment paper before baking so that you can remove the cake more easily. Transfer onto a large serving platter that has two wax paper sheets meeting midway (this is so that you can ice the cake, then remove the waxed paper without messing up your tray with the icing). Ice with a Betty Crocker frosting (icing is easier if you freeze the cake first).

Buy some decorating supplies and have fun! Then, everyone can enjoy the same cake. Good luck!

On Apr 14, 2006


If you are only dealing w/ PA- go ahead and make your own cake. Betty Crocker is the brand mix that we trust too. Or you can buy the mix from Cherrybrook Kitchen. That is peanut and tree nut free. Bake a rectangular cake, ice it and everyone can enjoy the same cake. I find little people (children) don't eat a lot of the cake anyway- they love the icing! You can also bake your own cake from scratch. It's easy. Have fun!

On Apr 14, 2006

You will find a ton of recipes on the recipe/snack forum on this site. Also, I love this site for finding recipes, and it has reviews for each cake which gives you a good indication if it's worth making. [url="http://search.allrecipes.com/recipe/quick.aspx?q1=yellow+cake&qwt=2&siteid=52&srt=1"]http://search.allrecipes.com/recipe/quick.aspx?q1=yellow+cake&qwt=2&siteid=52&srt=1[/url]

We also use Betty Crocker as our main box cake. They label very well. We use Gold Metal flour and major brands of other ingredients (no store brands). If you question any ingredient, just call the manufactuer or check out the manufactuer forum on this site for some ideas.

My feeling is that the child's home or party should be made completely safe for them. It's the one safe haven from the rest fo the world. As you child gets older, it will make a big difference if they get to eat the main cake at their party.

If you make your own cake, I found a great tool from Wilton called Decorator Pro or Dessert Pro which allows even beginners to make icing borders on cakes. It is super easy and makes an impressive cake. It is used instead of the bag/tip.

Good luck!!

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On Apr 20, 2006

Thanks everyone. I'm not sure which one I will use yet, but thank you!