12 year old going in for Peanut allergy challenge today ( Aug. 19 )

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My daughter was given a slight amount of peanut butter at the age of 2 and had an immediate reaction with lips swelling from hives. I did not let her have any more till I think she was about 5 or 6 she ate a small bite of a chocolate no bake cookie which I knew had like a half a cup of PB in the whole recipie and she reacted by showing asthma symptoms and was given a breathing treatment and benedryl. She bounced back fairly quickly but I knew for sure then she was severly allergic to peanuts. About a month ago we went to a allergist to have her get the skin testing done and possible start on allergy shots for all her airborne allergies. They did the skin prick test on her back for peanuts and it had absolutly no reaction. I was shocked and now today at 3:45 we are going back to do a peanut challenge on her. The Dr. office is right next door to the hospital but I am still kinda worried and so is she . She even said she is not ever going to eat the stuff even if they say she can. She does not like the smell of PB and has never reacted to being in the same room with someone else eating it but she always moves away. I am not sure if I should take peanut butter or just take peanuts. Also she thinks she is allergic to coconut too and I thought about getting some of that for them to test her on it too but not sure if we should even do that on the same day since I think it is possible to have a delayed reaction. I think I will probably be stareing at her the rest of the day if she does not react immediatly. It wil be so great if she truely has outgrown this but I think she should always be careful. I figure if she can outgrow one allergy since our bodies are always changing, then she can develop it again or even be severly allergic to other nuts. I have never let her have any other kind of nut and not sure if we should maybe test for other tree nuts too..........what should we do????? Should I request the blood allergy test first too? Thanks and wish us GOOD LUCK!

On Aug 20, 2008

Good Luck! I would talk to your Dr about what other things she may be allergic too. It is funny.. I have heard that if you were once allergic to peanuts and are lucky enough to have out grown it, you should keep inyour diet on a regular basis to keep your immune system familar with it. I know.. so ridiculous but I have heard that.. as your Dr. Has she been tested for tree nuts? ask the Dr to do a skin prick test for those....

Let us know what happens

By pnkid06 on Aug 21, 2011

did they do a blood test on your daughter. I guess its a little late, but my daughters skin test was negative and she still tested with a rast test of 20.9. My new allergist said a challenge should never be done without having a recent blood test to confirm. I have read that anyone w/ a neg. skin and rast under 15 has a much higher chance of passing the challenge, I think it was like 90 something percent likely to pass. Good Luck!!