10 month old with "severe" PA, new to this!!!


Hello I have a 10 month old that was just diagnosed with "severe" PA. Xmas we gave her some pancakes, and within 30 min she was covered in hives, welts and itching all over. I called a neighbor for baby benedryl, and gave her 2 ml right away. I was given the correct dose, from another friend that is a phamasist. Her hives got better, but within an hr they were worse, I took her to the ER. The dr told us they were hives and we were given an Epi Pen Jr. I had a well visit scheduled with the Dr that week for my daughter. The Dr took blood, called me in a few days. The test resulted 4 out of a scale of 1-5. With a "Severe" allergy to peanuts. (Egg, wheat, milk, soy) all came up positive too, but it is the peanut that I worry about. I have removed all peanut products from my home. I made an apt with a specialist in the area. (supposed to be the best of the best). My MIL sent me an email that I should not remove peanut products from my home and not to "panic". I have step kids and she stated that I should not deprive them, just because she has an allergy. That the other kids might resent us. I replied with some very factual information about PA. I just feel people are very ignorant and uninformed about this. I am overwhelmed and looking for advise. I am a Registered Nurse! Thank you for listening

By jenjen on Jan 9, 2010

Hi, I am curious - pancakes have peanuts in them? My son ate a peanut butter blossom over the holidays and he broke out as well. But it was about 45 min after he ate it and he also got into some Christmas potpourri right after eating the peanut butter. So I am not sure it was the peanut butter that caused the itchiness or the potpourri. I'm praying potpourri. We have an allergist appointment this week. Did your daughter get the blood test or scratch test? I'm so nervous. Do you have allergies or your husband? Or anyone in the family? We don't. And I have an older child with no allergies. Good Luck to you.

By mylittlepeanut on Jan 9, 2010

Not sure why the pancakes made her react. Becuase of this reaction we did a blood test. It came out pos for peanut, egg, milk, soy, wheat. So it could have been the egg in the pancake, we knows! Anyway, that is why we had the testing, I had no idea peanut would be on the list, verry scarry! Her hives started on her face, then her back and some on her chest. The dr told me she was concerned about the ones on the face... that if on the face, they could be in the throat. =( Im taking this day by day and have a follow up next month with a specialist in Pediatric Allergies.

By jenjen on Jan 9, 2010

Another question. Was her hives and welts just on her face or all over her body? Just curious. My son's was just on his face. Thanks.

By mylittlepeanut on Jan 9, 2010

oh and no, we have no food allergies in the family! No one at all. How old is your son?

By mylittlepeanut on Jan 9, 2010

Jen- I freaked out at first, now just trying to eduate myself and others around us. I have taken all peanut products out of the house. Went to a health food store today and bought sun nut butter. Also snack bars all made from a peanut free processing plant. My mother in law does not "get it", Like just because she has an allergy, why cant the other kids still eat it. I just want my home safe for my baby! We are in Colorado. I researched the best Dr around here, and we have an apt. I just need some answeres. We were in a resturant today. What if the french fry i ate was cooked in peanut oil, then touched my baby? Well nothing happened but now I question everything. Alison Lots of schools her are now peanut free=)

By jenjen on Jan 9, 2010

O geeze. Super scary. My son is 10mo. I had a small milk allergy as a kid but outgrew it fast. Does your daughter have eczema? Mine does. On his face. This peanut thing is so scary. A guy that works for my husband his daughter has a fatal airborne allergy. They said she could get a dog that is like a therapy dog but the dog would enter a room first, smell everyone/everything and see if it is safe for her to enter. I was thinking about that today when I was at the grocery store. She would never be able to enter a grocery story!? As simple as that. I am praying so hard that the potpourri was the reason for the itchy eyes and the few hives. I just don't know and I know how stupid and weak this sounds but I really don't know how strong of a mom I can be if it is a bad peanut allergy. How are you coping? I've made peanut butter sandwiches and we eat peanuts in the house all the time - and even a few weeks ago he grabbed a bunch of peanuts or mix of nuts from a dish on the table at my parents and put them toward his mouth but never ate them but the oils were still on his hands and he never reacted. So who knows. Anyway - I wish you luck. What state are you in? I just heard here in Michigan there is a peanut free school district. I thought that was pretty interesting. It might be common but I'm new to all of this! ugh! Jen

By jenjen on Jan 10, 2010

I think restaurants would be the hardest place to go. Evan picked up peanuts in his hand a few days ago and tried to eat them and had the oils on his hand and he never had a reaction. I made a sandwich today for my daughter and her friend and forgot to wash my hands and he didn't have a reaction. I'm just scared because of the fatality of the allergy. I just can't wait to get to the allergist on Weds. Where in Colorado are you? My brother lives in Boulder. He loves it out there! And - mother in law's NEVER get it! On anything!!!!!!!! hahah

By mylittlepeanut on Jan 10, 2010

I am glad that you get some answers soon at the allergist. We have removed all peanut products in the house. Have found some good snack alternitives if you ever need any! We live in Parker, CO. Boulder is about an hr, so pretty there! I grew up on the east coast, so quite different. Love it

I cant wait to go to the specialist next month with some answers

By BestAllergySites on Jan 10, 2010

mylittlepeanut--you are learning one of the hardest lessons--that relatives and those around us can be less than helpful when dealing with food allergies.

You ARE doing the right things and I hope you are able to remain strong and stand up to your MIL. In time she will hopefully come around and if not--well it's your house.

I'm a firm believer that kids are how we teach them to be. If you teach them compassion for their food allergic sibling and explain how sick food allergies can make kids and that some even die--I am sure they will not resent you.

There are so many substitutes for allergens--that you can make it fun for them.

You are doing a great job--hang in there--it does get easier.


By mylittlepeanut on Jan 10, 2010

Ruth, thank you so much. Our 9 year old was always correcting me on the snacks I packed him for school. One of his classmates has a PA. He was the one informing me, earlier in the year! He gets it, and will be fine. The 17 year old said "I have a friend that is allergic to everything, she does not freak out when I eat a pbnj in front of her". I explained that her 17 y/o friend knows her allergy. She knows to tell others when she is not feeling well. That her baby sister can not speak for herself. I think she is finaly getting it =) They love her and do not want anything bad to happen. Thank you for your encoruaging words

By BestAllergySites on Jan 11, 2010

So glad to hear the kids are cooperating. They won't ever miss the food once they get used to it! :)


By Easy2say on Jan 25, 2010

Having SEVERE allergies is no joke. Allergies to the point where just the scent gives you the hives or causes respiratory difficulty should not be taken lightly. In a home where there are several children, you have to 1st determine to what degree the allergy is. I have a peanut allergy and my kids do not. They eat PB sandwiches and I am not bothered by the scent, I do have to be careful not to touch it though. I don't think the other kids would feel deprived if they were not able to have it at home. There are many other choices like soy nut butter, sunflower butter, etc. It's all in what you get use to. Anaphylaxis is no laughing matter either. When it comes to allergies, you can never be too careful! The specialist will tell you whether or not your child can handle having any peanut products in the house. Good luck!

By nicksmom2448 on Jan 25, 2010

Hi, I'm giving you a big ((((HUG))))) I completely understand what you are going through! I was there with my son when he was 14 months old. He is now 12 years old, and with strict avoidance of all things nut and nut related, he has never had another reaction to date.

This is an excellent place to get lots of information. The hardest part is educating those in your life as to the severity of the allergy. There is great advice on the boards for how to get the message across.

I have to go, but feel free to e-mail me if you are interested, and I'd be happy to share more about our story. toonces21@hotmail.com


By mylittlepeanut on Jan 28, 2010

Easy2say and Nicksmom, thank you for your repl. I hope to learn more about this after our meeting with the specialist in a few weeks. Like what this all really means to us. We have in the meantime taken out all peanut products in the home, and trying to read all lables!