Vacation, Vacation


7 more days… I am looking forward to a full 13 days of boy time! Though we celebrated Hanukkah last week, over the vacation, we will spend lots of time with our nieces, nephews, and family. My husband grew up skiing, so we plan to put the boy on skies this winter. He’s young but very steady. He’s been walking for close to a year now, and I think he’ll be just fine being pulled around on a flat surface. For me, I prefer the real thing. I started skiing when I was dating my husband. A few months after we met, I invested in an entire new ski wardrobe, everything from the boots to the helmet. I took to it quite easily, and really enjoyed it. I complain a lot about the cold, but overall, I love skiing. We went on a family ski trip during our second winter together and I braved the slopes of Aspen, Snowmass and Vail quite well. It was the following year, just a few weeks after our wedding that I fell on the ‘fuddle duddle’, a green circle (beginner trail), and tore ligaments in my knee requiring surgery and a missed ski season. I fully recovered, but stayed off the slopes the following season for fear of falling again. The following winter I was pregnant, and last year I was breastfeeding, so being away for too many hours just made me uncomfortable (literally). All to say, that for the holidays I am looking forward to skiing, boy time, and relaxing. I have decided on all the activities we will do with the boy, and I am counting down the days. And yes, I realize this post has nothing to do with mine or the boy’s allergy!

Happy holiday’s to my 8 loyal followers (and anyone else who reads this!)