Vacation update


Only 2 hours after I came home from work on my first day of vacation, the boy vomited all over himself, my husband and I. This was our first experience with him throwing up, so I’ll leave it at that! This was not the quality boy time I was hoping for. I spent an entire night with his feet kicking my face while he tossed and turned. I woke up cranky and nauseous myself.

At breakfast, he refused to eat anything, every time I suggested a new food, his response was ‘cookie’. Since I took pity on the fact he had vommitted the previous night, and I had visions of his empty tummy, I gave in, and kept handing him arrowroot cookies until he stopped asking. I didn't want to give him milk, just in case it would upset his stomach, and he wasn’t at the point of needing pedialyte. I spiked his water with apple juice but I’m a bit of a sugarphobe, and this was the first time I have ever given him apple juice. He was devouring it...screaming for apple juice all day long, even trying to open the fridge himself at one point!

For our vacation, we planned to go to my in-laws country house that day, but instead we kept him home for the next 48 hours to avoid bringing any form of sickness to the house which was filled with my husband’s entire family including my 1,3 and 5 year old nephews, and my pregnant sister in law. The last thing I wanted was to be responsible for a gastro outbreak in Ivry. On Sunday, we went to the country, but after the first night, his nose started running, and the wheezing kicked in. I thought we were doomed, but I wasn’t going to let a little wheeze and cough keep him from having fun. We played outside, played inside, went sledding, went skating for the first time, watched movies, went for dinner, went to the indoor playground and had quality family time. If my husband had his way, the boy would be skiing as well! I have been able to relax a bit, which is not something I usually get to do. Since returning to work from maternity leave 9 months ago, any boy time is valuable time to me. Taking a step back from the demands of my everyday life has allowed me to focus on my family and realize how lucky I am. I still have a few more days left of vacation so maybe I’ll even be lucky enough to ski!



Happy New Year!