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Udi’s Gluten and Nut Free Muffin Tops: A Review

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It’s a new year, a new me…or at least that’s the phrase I keep hearing every time I click on the radio or T.V.  Whether it’s January or not, I do like to branch out and bring home a new allergy-safe product for us to try every now and then.

Last week’s winner was…drum roll please…Udi’s Muffin Tops.  I found them in the gluten-free freezer section at my local Kroger store.  Although I’m not sure when rollout began for this specific product, I’m fairly sure it didn’t arrive at my Kroger until January 2013.

Muffins are something I always make homemade to ensure that they are safe, but my curiosity got the better of me when I saw the gluten and nut free label on this box of blueberry muffins.

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My nine-year-old son fell in love at first bite.  He said it tasted just like the homemade version, but with just the top part of the muffin.  I also tried one and thought it was delicious.  It reminded me of the gluten-filled muffins of yore (and hopefully with less calories since it’s just the top).  Based on the taste and texture of the product, I would give it an A.

However, I was disappointed that only four muffin tops came to one box which cost $5.99.  For a food allergy family on a budget, a $1.50 for one muffin top seemed a little on the expensive side.

I am a big Udi’s fan and love most of their products and ALWAYS appreciate the fact that so many (but not all) of their products are gluten and nut free.  If there were a little more product in each box of Udi’s Muffin Tops for the same price, this might turn out to be our go-to treat when homemade muffins just aren’t an option.

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