Two Peanuts and Super Bowl - Both New for Peanut Allergic Teenager - Peanut Allergy Information

Two Peanuts and Super Bowl - Both New for Peanut Allergic Teenager

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Alexander, our peanut allergic teenager successfully completed a week of EATING 1 peanut twice per day!
Amazing. His first dose was 1/1000th of a peanut. Only last December Alexander began treatment for his life threatening allergy to peanuts. Click here to Read my post "Peanut Allergy Treatment Day 1" for more details.

His treatment has been without incident barring one delay. Click here to read post "Dose Delayed No Whole Peanut Yet"

Once again Alexander's dose has been increased. The dose increase was from 1 to 2 Whole Peanuts given twice per day. He is tolerating this new dose well.

Yesterday we were fortunate to attend the Super Bowl. Alexander has recently become more comfortable about the food in these settings. As anyone with food allergies knows the allergic food, in our case peanuts, can be hiding in the most unlikely food. Sauces, cookies, pie crust, chili and salad are only a few examples of places peanuts could be used as an ingredient yet often undetectable. Even trace amounts of peanuts can be life threatening.
I have a large list on the my blog with more items. The page is called "Where is the Peanut Hiding?"

Now that he is eating 2 Peanuts per dose twice per day, Alexander is getting a little too comfortable about his level of protection. He didn't even think he needed to take his EPIPEN to the Super Bowl. Yikes! I insisted we take 2.

As time goes on I will know more about the "protection" provided by the treatment. Yes, he obviously have increased tolerance and a base level of protection.
After all he is eating 4 Peanuts a Day! Hurray.

If you have any question please post a Comment on the blog and I will be happy to respond.

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