The Boy who ate Nutella


Since the test results came back negative a couple months ago we have been talking about introducing nuts. I have had almond milk and nutella in my grocery cart at least six times, and each time I get to the cashier I freak out and give the product back. Something about having these products under my roof seems wrong to me.

Today was a beautiful fall day, and we were heading to the market to buy some pumpkins. Since it was early, we had no plans, and the market is down the street from the Children's Hospital, I decided today was going to be the day! I called my neighbor and she made a nutella sandwich for the boy in her house, double bagged it, and off we went. When we arrived at the market, I insisted we take a parking spot that had quick access to the road in case we had to drive up the hill to the Emergency room. Armed with the Epipen Jr, we gave him his nutella sandwich on the corner about 25 feet from the car (I didn't want any to get on the car seat).

This stuff must taste good because the boy loooved it! He devoured his sandwich. We were checking his body for hives and making sure he was breathing every 10 seconds. He chose 3 little pumpkins, and we went back to the car. On our way home, he fell asleep which is not uncommon for him, but of course we kept checking if he was breathing. He was 100% fine.

Next week...Almond Milk.