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T-shirt Frustration!

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I wanted to make T-shirts for our team for the FAAN Walk for Food Allergy next Saturday. At first I was going to have them silk screened but they are too expensive to do that. Then I thought get the digital printed ones. Again too pricey at 18.99 a shirt! Since it's a fundraising event I want to give as much to the walk as we can, and not spend a ton on T-shirts. So next I thought I will try and silk screen at home. I bought a kit and was all excited to get started. I have the photo skills to make the screen (as I have a MA in photography and am pretty darn good in a darkroom). I forgot one thing, I no longer have a darkroom! All my equipment is at my parents house and my darkroom is now a storage closet. It would take weeks just to get it cleaned out and set up.

Front of the shirt.

My last hope was to get the fabric iron on transfer paper. Supposedly you should be able to use your ink jet printer. I tried printing my design on regular paper to check it. It is way too light. I can't get my printer to print the dark color I need. When I print it on a laser printer the color is perfect. But alas we can't use the transfer paper in the laser printer because it get so hot and can ruin the printer.

I am so disappointed that we won't have our team shirts. My husband doesn't think it's a big deal, but since this is our 1st walk, and it's for my son I really wanted to make it special. I know having our family and friends walking with us is what will make this day unforgettable. That really is what matters most. People that love him will be there. I get all teary whenever I think about that. So I will keep trying to make them but if not, oh well. We are still walking together, raising money, and awareness and that's what matters.