Summer Camp Series: Food Allergies


My child has life threatening food allergies. We’ve had our close call and hope that it NEVER, EVER happens again. But, I don’t want my son living under a rock, fearful of having fun and being, well, a kid. So, he’s off to a summer day camp this year. I’ve spoken with the program directors about my son’s allergies and drilled them on their allergy awareness and emergency protocols and I came away feeling confident that my son will be safe. Of course he’ll be wearing his epinephrine and asthma pump in a cute little hip bag/carrier, he’ll also be sporting a medical ID bracelet, and I’ll be reminding his counselors about his allergies everyday, but he’ll be having the time of his life at camp.

Food Allergy Focused Camps

When my son is old enough, I would love for him to attend one of these cool camps just for kids with food allergies. Check out the post about Camp Blue Spruce, a sleep away camp for kid’s with food allergies, to get a feel for the concept.

These resources have lists of food allergy camps – maybe there is one near you:

Regular Camps

If you can’t find a food allergy camp in your area, no need to worry. Your children can still have fun and be safe at a local camp, but you’ll need to be diligent in ensuring the camp is savvy and attentive when it comes to food allergies and especially to your child’s specific needs. Here are two great posts on this very topic:

Best Allergy Sites: Summer Camp and Food Allergies

Kids with Food Allergies: Make Summer Camp Safe for Your Food-Allergic Child

Have you sent your food allergic child to summer camp? What was your experience? What was your child’s experience?

Stay tuned for the next part of the Summer Camp Series: Eczema!