Summer Camp Series: Eczema


The thought of sending a child with eczema to camp can feel a bit overwhelming. Who’s going to watch them so they don’t scratch? Who’s going to either apply cream to them or remind the child to do it themselves? Who’s going to make sure they avoid their triggers? Who’s going to ensure no one bullies them about their skin? And so on.

Thankfully there are camps just for kids with eczema and other chronic skin conditions! Can you imagine, a camp where there are other kids with skin just like theirs? They won’t feel alone and they’ll just want to have fun.

Here are a few camps I’ve found for children with chronic skin conditions, like eczema. Maybe one is near you! Some of these camps even have sponsorship programs that will pay all or some of the camper’s expenses.

Camp Discovery

Locations vary by year. Here is a list of 2013 camps:

Crosslake, Minnesota
Ages 10-14
June 23-28*


Ages 14-16
July 7-12*

Carnation, Washington
Ages 8-16
June 24-28*

Burton, Texas
Ages 9-15
August 11-16*

Millville, Pennsylvania
Ages 8-13
August 10-17

Hebron, Connecticut
Ages 8-16
August 11-17*

Camp Wonder

Livermore, California

Camp Korey‘s Camp Reflection

Carnation, Washington

Stay tuned for the next post in this Summer Camp Series: Asthma Camps!