Reasons to Love Your Otter Pops #YouOtterKnow - Peanut Allergy Information

Reasons to Love Your Otter Pops #YouOtterKnow

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You Otter Know there are so many reasons to love your Otters. Not only are the Otter Popstars fun, adorable otter-themed characters every child should get to know, but did you know otter pops contain no major allergens, making them a safe food allergy friendly treat for children like our youngest son who suffers from multiple food allergies.

#YouOtterKnow Your Otter Popstars

The Otter Popstars love it when their fans come visit them online to meet the band, check out their latest hits, and enjoy their fun activities and distractions. Let’s test your knowledge of the Otter Popstars with these otter-ific facts.

  • Poncho Punch – Loves sun-bathing by the pool, but can’t stand when they’re out of sardines in the green room.
  • Little Orphan Orange – Lil’s big break came when her outstanding voice and plucky, street-smart spirit made her the winner of the Otter PopStars’ nationwide Talent Search
  • Alexandar the Grape – Alexander is an expert at trivia, speaks over nine hundred languages and knows the origin of every figure of speech currently in use.
  • Louie-Bloo Raspberry – Enjoys watching the waves crash upon the shore, but avoids confrontation at all costs.
  • Strawberry Short Kook – Kook received a toy drum set from her parents on her eighth birthday.
  • Sir Isaac Lime – Sir Isaac is a renowned British scientist and visiting professor at the prestigious Otterdam Institute.

Want to learn even more about the Otters, visit and follow Otter Pops on Facebook.

OtterPopStars Finger Painting

After checking out the Otter Popstars today we decided it would be a blast to create finger paint art featuring our favorite popstars. Guessing who Kevin’s favorite Otter Popstar was easy. He loves red and of course choose Poncho Punch as his favorite Otter Popstar. Kevin couldn’t wait to paint Poncho with his guitar practicing his song ‘Viva Amore’.

Lewis chose his favorite Otter Popstar based on his favorite flavor, punch. Being a lover of dogs, Lewis painted his Poncho with Lil’s little dog Melon Collie.

We’re going to give Mitch an E for effort. He really wanted to paint Louie-Bloo and Sir Isaac, but since he’s only 2 years old and this was his first time finger painting, his art looked less like and Otter Popstar and more like a melted Otter Pop. lol!

Now’s your chance to get to know the Otter Popstars and Chat with the Otter Pop Stars! What questions will you ask the Otters?

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