Play Dates!


My big boy is still at the age where I go with him to play dates. Though he probably would not flinch if I wasn’t there, I’m pretty sure it’s still a year or two away until I can send him out to the real world of play dates where only the hostess supervises. Sending an allergic child off to a play date must be one of the most stressful experiences for parents of allergic kids. How about hosting the allergic kid? Have you thought about this, or experienced this? Personally, I would NEVER do it unless the child is allergic to nuts and or peanuts since my home is entirely peanut/nut free. I started thinking about this topic a few weeks ago when another mom mentioned that she would never host a play date with a child who has a peanut allergy because she keeps peanut butter in her house. She explained that she was simply too nervous to have this responsibility. I don’t blame her, and I completely understand what she was saying. It is a huge responsibility, and I too would not be comfortable with it. I’m curious to know peoples thoughts on this subject; to host or not to host? :) J.