Peanut, Nut, and Gluten-Free Drugstore Finds - Peanut Allergy Information

Peanut, Nut, and Gluten-Free Drugstore Finds

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Our food for the holidays is mostly homemade for my son who has multiple food allergies (including nuts) and my celiac.   It’s not easy to find something gluten and nut-free that’s festive, pre-packaged, and ready to go.

Still, I was shopping at a local drugstore scanning the shelves for a Christmas miracle…and I got it!  Check out these two products sitting right on the shelves.

These chocolate covered cherries by Cella’s (parent company is Tootsie) were deliciously sinful.  *A word of caution though…pop the whole bite in your mouth at once to avoid cherry filling on yourself and others.*

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And check out this BEAUTIFUL allergy statement…

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Although I’m not a fan of these chocolate covered mints by Andes (parent company Tootsie), the rest of my family is simply ga ga for them.  And on the upside, at least it’s chocolate that makes your breath smell good!

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Again…LOVE this allergy statement!

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If only all companies were this diligent in their labeling.  Kudo’s to Tootsie’s for going the extra mile for the food allergy community!  Keep up the good work!

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