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Peanut-Free, Nut-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

I’m going to take just a momentary break from my June series of allergy-friendly vacation spots, to share this recipe with you.  My son had an end of year pool party for scouts and I couldn’t quite decide what to bring.  They asked for a few desserts, so I tried to think of something easy, portable, and still a little bit special.

My son and I finally decided on making a chocolate chip cookie cake.  I simply followed the chocolate chip cookie recipe created by Nestle ( and then used allergy-friendly ingredients.  My son is allergic to peanuts, nuts, sesame, and chickpeas so the only real ingredient I had to switch from the original recipe were the chocolate chips.  We used Hershey’s choclate chips instead.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

It turned out FABULOUS!  Then to make it just a little extra special, after I took this picture we added in a congratulatory message to our fellow scouts for a fabulous year!  The kids loved it.  It was portable, easy to eat on the go, and not as heavy as a cupcake soaked in buttercream icing.

The cake was a fun activity for me to do with the kids.  I can see us making this again one day this summer for a special snack after we’ve recovered from playing at the pool all day!

Happy Summer!!!

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