Peanut and other Food Allergies Fall Under Americans With Disabilities Act.


Adults and children with food allergy fall under the Americans With Disabilities Act. This act requires that accommodations be made to ensure that individuals are not denied access to employment, education, government services, transportation, businesses and any other entities that affect daily living.

Parents, let us beware as we prepare to send our food allergic children to school. Be clear about what accomodations are needed for your child. Do not create an atmosphere built on fear. Every person with food allergies has different needs. Some people with a peanut allergy can not be in a room where peanut protein may be in the air. Others can be in the vicinity of their allergens as long as safe practices are followed. We do not want to be contributors to any hysteria about food allergy. We should be the ones who clearly state what is needed from the school and what is not needed. Let's all respectfully support each other as we begin a new school year.