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Parties and Diapers

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Every weekend this month we have a party. This presents 2 challenges: food everywhere, and we need to make something that will travel well. When the party is at someones house we have more hot food options. Like today, we will bring turkey meatballs, some cheese tortellini and probably the old stand by chicken nuggets. We will be able to heat food up there but that isn't always the case. I'm looking for some cold food options. I bought a thermos that is suppose to keep food cold for 9 hours and hot for 7. I haven't tried it yet but, today I may. What do you pack when there is no where to heat up the food? Mac is anti sandwich lately, actually anti eating. I think the 2 year molars are trying to make their appearance.

Since we are going to a party I wanted to bring something. I did some baking last night. I decided to try out Cherrybrooke Kitchen Sugar cookie mix. It is peanut, tree nut, egg, and dairy free. They are easy to make, and you don't have to run out for eggs! I used whole milk since we don't have milk issues but they recommend rice milk as a substitute. Over all they were good. Not my favorite sugar cookies (as I like them from scratch best), but I would definitely get them again. They are great in a pinch. I'm not much of a baker so I doubt cooking from scratch will happen often. So I will keep a supply of these handy.

I also tried out Betty Crocker Oatmal Chocholate Chip Cookie mix in a bag. These

are only peanut and tree nut free to my knowledge. Here is a link to a forum where BC answered the FA question. Make sure you check for your self, by always reading the labels. If you have other FA these are no good. Man are these yummy. I will be stocking on on these for sure!

On a totally unrelated note we survived our 1st night using cloth diapers! It was a success. I will update you after a full week and see if we are going to stick with it. So far it's not bad at all. But time will tell. I do feel good that I'm not adding more disposables to a landfill, and we will be saving a lot of money. At the end of the week I'll give my review and reason why we are trying to make the switch. Here's a sneak peak of 2 of our new cloth diapers.

Have a great weekend everyone!