Nutley the Nut-Free Squirrel: A Book Review

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Books are treasures…there are no two ways about it.  For my kids, books are as good as any toy and sometimes better.  And of course, as a parent, I just LOVE it when a book is fun to read and teaches an important lesson.  So you can imagine my delight when I received an email from author Stephanie Sorkin asking me to review her book, Nutley the Nut-Free Squirrel, which will be available in March/April of 2013.

The plot goes something like this:  Nutley the squirrel is diagnosed with a nut allergy.  Once he understands what is making him feel bad, he and his doctor set up a plan.  Part of the plan is for Nutley to share the news of his allergy with his friends.  Nothing could ever prepare Nutley for what he hears when he breaks the news.

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The book is well done and a great read for a newly diagnosed child or even a classroom read to raise awareness of food allergies.  Stephanie Sorkin did an amazing job of telling the story for a child’s point of view which will make it a win with young readers who can sometimes feel as though no one understands.  Tim Warren’s illustrations are whimsical and precious, bringing the story to life for a child.

I would highly recommend this book for families, schools, churches, and more.  It is a great tool for raising food allergy awareness, but that’s not even the best part…

Stephanie Sorkin is donating 100% of the proceeds of this book to FARE (previously FAAN), an organization dedicated to food allergy research and education.  That’s right…100% of the proceeds!  That means your literally touching hundreds of lives with a single purchase of this book.

Please consider purchasing this book today!  Don’t have young kids?  Buy one to donate to your allergist’s office.  Buy one to donate to your school/church library.  Buy one to give as a gift.  How else can you impact hundreds of lives with the purchase of one delightful children’s book?!

Happy reading!

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