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NIAID New Guidelines for Food Allergy Diagnosis and Management

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Yesterday the NIAID published new Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergies. 
The NIAID is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

NIAID worked with 34 professional organizations, federal agencies, and patient advocacy groups to develop concise clinical guidelines for healthcare professionals on the diagnosis and management of food allergy and the treatment of acute food allergy reactions. Below is a link to this important information.

The guidelines provide 43 concise clinical recommendations for healthcare professionals on how to diagnose and manage food allergy and how to treat acute food allergy reactions. They also identify gaps in the current scientific knowledge to be addressed through future research. The guidelines contain an introduction and five sections that address the following major topics:

  • Definitions, prevalence, and epidemiology of food allergy (Section 2)
  • Natural history of food allergy and associated disorders (Section 3)
  • Diagnosis of food allergy (Section 4)
  • Management of non-acute food allergic reactions and prevention of food allergy (Section 5)
  • Diagnosis and management of food-induced anaphylaxis and other acute allergic reactions to foods (Section 6)


Click the link below.

There is a lot of information to explore on the NIAID site. Be sure to check out the page "FAQ About the Guidelines" 

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