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Keep Trick or Treating Safe and Fun with Food Allergies

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With small little fingers covered in gooey candy lurking around every corner, trying to keep trick or treating safe and fun with food allergies can be challenging. But don’t be so quick to let food allergies define your children that you tell them they cannot participate in this frightful holiday. With a little planning and my simple tips below, your children can safely participate in and enjoy the magic of this spook-tacular holiday year after year.

Keep Trick or Treating Safe and Fun with Food Allergies

What we as adults view as the highlight of trick or treating may not be the same as what your children view. For many children, it’s more about the ritual of going to the doors and ringing the doorbell and not at all about the candy.

Below are some of the ways we keep trick or treating safe and fun for our son with food allergies on Halloween night.

  • Don’t forget the epi pens! Be sure to carry your child’s emergency medicines, commonly Benadryl AND Epi Pens, with you at ALL times while trick-or-treating.
  • Plan alternate activities. Plan an alternative activity such as going to the movies, having a scavenger hunt for safe treats, or playing Halloween carnival games in lieu of trick or treating.
  • Bake homemade safe treats. Bake your children’s favorite safe treats and add a festive twist instead of providing candy for Halloween night.
  • Stash safe treats with friends and family. Stash safe candy at friends and family’s homes to give to your children when they trick or treat on Halloween.
  • Don’t forget the snacks. Carry safe snacks and treats with you while trick-or-treating for little ones to munch on as they wander the neighborhoods.
  • Double check all ingredients. Remember, treat-sized candy may have different ingredients or be manufactured on different equipment than their full-sized, store-bought counterparts.
  • Pass out non-food items. Have non-food items including stickers, fun pencils, small toys or even coins to hand out to children.
  • All ways remember. When in doubt, throw it out!

How do you keep your children with food allergies safe while trick or treating?

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