Foods With Incorrect Labels


When dealing with food allergies, it is important to be aware of foods that have been recalled due to incorrect information on the label. This is still voluntary for companies to do, but there has certainly been an increase over the years of food manufacturers putting out an alert or recall due to wrong information on the label.

I'll never forget one recall for a soy milk that actually contained cow's milk! Scary when you have a child with a severe dairy allergy. Reading labels is critical, but finding out if those labels are wrong is just as important.

So, how do you find out when an allergy alert has been issued for a particular food? The easiest I've found is to sign up to get the information e-mailed directly to you. There are several sites that will do this. There doesn't appear to be a need to sign up for all of them as they all get the information from the same source. Try signing up at one of these sites:

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network allows members and non-members to sign up for free alerts. Go to their website ( click on the red tab along the top marked "alerts".

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service ( allows people to sign up for e-mail alerts about allergen mis-labeling and general food safety issues.

The Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, has a sign-up service as well. Go to: contains recall and alert information with an e-mail notification sign-up.

Being aware of incorrect labels will help you keep your family safe.