Food Allergy Non Profits


If you are a newly diagnosed food allergic individual, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to go for information and support. There are a variety of websites, support groups and blogs that offer a plethora of detailed information. There are also several food allergy related non profits. Following is a list of the top non profits that cater to the food allergy community.

The Asthma Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) The focus of AAFA is on education, advocacy and research. With a national chapter as well as local chapters with support group meetings, AAFA can be a great resource to use to meet other parents of food allergic children. More information can be found at

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) FAAN is a national organization that focuses on information and education on the top 8 allergens. Visit their website for basic information on learning about and managing food allergies.

The Food Allergy Initiative (FAI) The main focus of FAI is on research and finding a cure for food allergies. FAI helps to fund some of the top current studies you've probably read or heard about. More information can be found at

Each of the above organizations focus on different aspects of food allergies, but all are helpful for those who are newly diagnosed. They each offer basic information usually backed by a medical advisory team, so you can be sure that the information you are receiving is accurate and up to date.