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Effing Peanut Allergy

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We have never watched what Grace ate. We feed her everything and she eats everything. Through nine months of nursing she never showed any sign of having any type of food allergy, even a peanut allergy. So why would we second guess giving her peanut? Better yet, why wouldn’t we give her peanut?

Effing Peanut Allergy

It was a boring Sunday afternoon and the weather was warm and gorgeous. We were all sitting around the house getting ready for to have lunch when I decided on a whim to prepare a peanut butter sandwich for Grace to eat for lunch.

I know many of you food allergy moms are sitting at your computer now screaming at the top of your lungs ‘WHY!!!!!!!!!!!”, but really why not? Grace eats from bakeries, something we don’t let Mitch do, and we have never watched a label for her or questioned how a food was prepared by someone else for her. Her older brothers without food allergies eat peanut butter sandwiches around her, play with her and kiss her, and never once did we have a problem.

Then I fed her a peanut butter sandwich.

And then it happened.

Within seconds there was a hive under her lip. One hive. I screamed for my husband.

Then there was two, three, four.

I guesstimated a dose of Benadryl (based of her 3-year-old brother’s weight), gave it to her and jumped in the car for the hospital.

Her face was turning red and blotchy, starting at the mouth and spreading upwards. The whites of her eyes turned red.

As I was driving (the hospital is 5 minutes away) she kept falling asleep in her car seat. She had just woke from a nap before lunch and I knew she wasn’t tired. This was part of her reaction too.

I must have looked like a crazy lady running through the emergency room doors with her in my arms, her face and eyes bright red. I tried to somewhat (but probably not so much) calmly tell the nurse what was happening. It had been ten minutes since she consumed peanut butter.

She immediately received a shot of Prednisone and was watched at the hospital for 2 hours. Within 30 minutes her reaction had subside and she was happily eating a bowl of cereal from the hospital cafeteria.

We left the hospital that day with heavy hearts that we had a second child with food allergies. Grace received oral Prednisone for four more days to prevent a biphasic reaction, and she now sports her own Allerbling bracelet and has her own Epi pens.

We have never been so scared for our little girl and we are so blessed her reaction was not worse. She is still so small, under 20 pounds, and I can’t imagine how her little body would fight an anaphylactic reaction and survive.

Effing peanut allergy!

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