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Dear Mr. Dumb Ass:

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I woke up in a good mood this morning, and I had a really nice uplifting post ready for today. I really try to keep it positive since it's hard at times. Then I got into my car and turned on the radio. BIG mistake! Normally I avoid articles, interviews and the comments people post about them that talk food allergies. It is just so upsetting to me. I will sit and stew over it for days, having arguments in my head with strangers when I should be sleeping. It just isn't good for me.

Today on 101.9 rxp a famous dumb ass comedian went on a rant about his child's God given right to eat PB&J (not in a funny joke telling kind of manner). I was really surprised and disappointed they aired it. I get it, really. It is a staple food here in the US (even though it's not the healthiest choice). It's easy, cheap, and kids like it. As I've said before I don't always think a peanut free school, or table is the solution. In fact I don't have a solution but that's another topic. But really, if your child eats 21 meals a week (not including snacks), and they go to a peanut free school, that's 5 meals they can't eat peanut butter. So the other 16 meals in that week they can. Why are those 5 meals such a big issue if not eating the stuff will keep all kids safe. Seriously 5 meals and some snacks. No one is saying you can never have peanuts again, so stop acting like it's Prohibition on peanuts. You can still eat them, and buy them. Oh but I forgot your wants (not your kids even), are more import than a life.

He called FA parents hypochondriacs. Oh I'm sorry my son has a CONFIRMED life threatening allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. That's right it could kill him. He could eat something and suffocate to death if he doesn't get help right away. Help for him is jabbing a needle into his leg and holding it there for 10 seconds, just so he can have 20 minutes to get to the hospital in time for further treatment. Heck after your kid eats his God given right PB&J are you going to be there to make sure he washes his hands? Because if they don't, they may be putting other kids lives at risk. But I'm over reacting. What if it was your child who was at risk? I bet you'd be the first to ban whatever it is that is life threatening.

Last I checked all kids in this country have a right to a free education, and all kids have to right to be safe receiving that education. FYI parents don't make school policy, the schools do. They may have influence but in the end it's the districts decision. They do it for many reasons, one being keeping it safe for all. So stop blaming the kids and the parents for a choice they don't make. Some like me don't even want the ban because they don't want to deal with people like you!

Like I said it's not the kids that are the problem. It's the adults that think this is how it should be. I hear "what's a birthday without cupcakes in the classroom to celebrate?' It's still a birthday just choose a different special treat. Yes other food can be special. Are cupcakes the only way to celebrate a birthday? If they get a treat and don't have to do school work for a few minutes they are happy with whatever it is.

So Mr. Dumb Ass, please think before you open you mouth and spout you uneducated, ignorant opinions. You get to speak on a public platform, and have a wonderful opportunity that most people don't to reach millions of people. Do your research and know your facts before talking about policies and health.

OK rant over. I just need to get this one out. Sorry for the angry post. I guess it's just been building up.