A dating website for singles with food allergies. I saw an add for this site while perusing an allergy website recently. I am all for internet dating, I actually met my husband online, as did my sister in law, and my best friend.

I can totally understand why someone came up with this idea, in fact i'm surprised it wasn't me who came up with it! About 8 years ago, I was set up with this guy and we went on a few dates. I told him about my allergy even before the first date because any restaurant we went to had to be peanut free. He appeared to be somewhat sensitive towards the allergy but made mention of how he missed certain snacks with peanut butter more than once. I was young and should have known better at the time. We dated for about 2 months, I even took him to my sister's wedding. The video later had to be edited to remove any shots of him! In any case a few months after it ended, a friend of mine told me that she knew someone who also went on a few dates with this same guy, and that on their date he openly told her that he was not interested in girls with medical problems. He even told her that he once broke up with someone because she had juvenile diabetes, and another girl because she had a peanut/nut allergy. As for the peanut allergy girl, he was obviously referring to me! The biggest laugh of all is that this guy is a doctor!! Anyways, I hear he's still single…shocking.

All to say, that this website seems like a great idea!