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Are you craving sweets? Those with peanut allergies must be especially careful when indulging their sweet tooth, since many chocolates (even those that don't contain nuts) are processed in facilities that also handle peanuts. Chocolate is not only a popular treat, it has also been proven to have health benefits. Whether you're looking for holiday candy or want to treat yourself to a decadent piece of chocolate, there are nut-free options, if you look for them.

There are several peanut-free chocolate and candy companies. Some of the most popular among those with peanut allergies include Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, Divvies, and Whey Out Chocolates. When buying peanut-free chocolate, it is especially important to look for any allergy warnings on the packaging. Even if the chocolate does not contain nuts, the rate of cross-contamination is particularly high with chocolates since they are often processed in a facility that also handles peanuts. To be truly peanut-free, the chocolate must be processed on a dedicated line, away from nuts.

What if you're craving a particular variety of chocolate that you can't find through a peanut-free source? Or perhaps you want to make chocolate fondue or bake brownies, chocolate chip cookies, or any number of other recipes containing chocolate? Baking these items at home is the best way to avoid the cross-contamination that could occur in a bakery, but you'll also need to choose chocolate that is peanut-free. For this reason, plain chocolates (whether dark, milk, or white) are the most popular types of nut-free chocolates sold.

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