What to Do When Your Toddler Develops A Rash Caused By Peanut Butter

Eliminating peanut butter is the best way to handle a rash caused by this food

If your baby or toddler develops a rash caused by peanut butter, such as peanut allergy symptoms, pediatricians almost always recommend not giving the child peanut products. This is difficult to do considering that peanuts are often in cookies, candy, baked products, and even foods like chili and other main dishes.

A Minor Rash Can Be Treated With An Antihistamine

Young children with a minor peanut allergy may be only a small patch of the rash somewhere on the body. It may spread and get bigger. The first treatment can be non-drowsy Benadryl. Parents or caregivers need to carefully watch the child to be sure that more serious allergic reactions like trouble breathing or shortness of breath, rapid pulse, or other more serious signs of allergic reaction do not happen next. If they do, the child needs immediate emergency care.

Take Your Child To The Pediatrician, Even If A Mild Rash From Peanut Butter Occurs

According to the Mayo Clinic, even a minor allergic reaction to peanut butter should be taken seriously. The Mayo Clinic also contends that even if a child has had a minor reaction, there is a risk of a worse reaction that could happen if the child eats peanut products again.

Peanut Allergies Are Taken Seriously By Doctors

Food allergies can be very serious and even cause death. Emergency medical treatment is required if a child's rash spreads to large areas of the body, or if she has other symptoms of anaphylaxis. This life-threatening allergic reaction requires a 911 call immediately because anaphylaxis can develop in a short amount of time after eating -- in a matter of 10 minutes or so.

Signs of Anaphylaxis To Look For In Your Young Child

Some of the signs of a life-threatening reaction to peanut products like peanut butter are a whole-body reaction like hives that develop all over the body, swelling of the throat that makes breathing difficult, and dizziness. If a child develops anaphylaxis, there will be a definite reaction and parents will know that something is terribly wrong. The child may have a severe drop in blood pressure and go into shock. Calling 911 for emergency care is the best way to respond if parents do not have epinephrine at home.

Epinephrine Is Adrenaline That Is Prescribed For Food Allergy Emergencies

If a parent or another child in the family has a peanut allergy, the parents probably have an EpiPen epinephrine injector on hand. This form of adrenaline stops the life-threatening reaction, but the child should still get the emergency room quickly for follow up treatment.

Other Signs of Allergic Reaction To Peanut Butter

If a child develops a rash after eating a peanut butter sandwich, she may also suddenly get stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. Since these illnesses, and also rashes are so common in young children, most pediatricians want to see a child any time that a rash is involved.

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