Oral Allergy Syndrome: That Tingling Feeling

Tingling or itching of the mouth may point to oral allergy syndrome. Most people realize that it is possible to have an allergic reaction to foods that you eat. According to the Mayo Clinic, these reactions usually occur shortly after eating.

Sometimes allergy symptoms from food allergies are mild, but they can also be so severe that they are life-threatening. One of the most common food allergy symptoms is a tingling in the mouth. This can also feel like an itching on the roof of the mouth, tongue, or cheeks.

People with Hay Fever Can Also Have This Symptom

If you have tingling or itching in your mouth after eating tree nuts or raw fruits and vegetables, you could have another type of allergy besides a food allergy. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI), this oral symptom could actually be the result of pollen that is on the food that you just ate. Doctors call this Oral Allergy Syndrome (a.k.a. fruit pollen syndrome).

Don't ignore your symptoms

Because a food allergy like a peanut allergy can cause the serious reaction anaphylaxis, it is important not to ignore your symptoms. Anaphylaxis can happen quickly and can cause death, so it is important to get fast emergency care if your symptoms go beyond the tingling in your mouth or scratchiness in your throat.

People with oral allergy syndrome can usually eat these foods when cooked

Most people who have an allergic reaction to eating raw fruits or nuts that have been contaminated with pollen are able to eat these foods after they have been cooked. The high heat involved in cooking or baking destroys the pollen, so there is no allergic reaction in most cases.

Most people with oral allergy syndrome have certain allergies

Most of the time, someone who develops oral allergy syndrome has been eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts for years. Suddenly, oral allergy syndrome appears in teens and in adults. It is seldom found in children. Most people who develop this syndrome have an allergy to grass pollens, ragweed, or birch.

Other symptoms of oral allergy syndrome

It is also possible to have swelling in your lips, mouth, tongue, or in your throat after eating a food that has pollen present on it. Itching of the ears is another possible symptom. As long as the symptoms do not proceed beyond the mouth and ears, there is probably no danger of a serious reaction.

Treatment for oral allergy syndrome

Treatment for this problem is not usually necessary, as long as the symptoms stay in the mouth area. The tingling and itching usually go away within minutes as soon as the food is swallowed.

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