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You are looking forward to dining out with your family. The difficulty is, your middle child is allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, the youngest is allergic to dairy products, and your wife has celiac disease and cannot tolerate gluten. You want to, above all, locate a restaurant that you can trust will accommodate your family’s special needs, but how?

If there were such a thing as a free service online or via phone app that provided menu information and allergy accommodation ratings for nearly 600,000 restaurants, chances are you would use it to find an eatery you are comfortable taking your family to.

Fortunately, this service is available. AllergyEats is the brainchild of a father and inveterate problem solver who became frustrated trying to locate allergy-friendly restaurants suitable to his family’s needs. Three of his five children have food allergies; he understands the stress and unique dining cautions this creates.

A peer-based app for rating allergy-friendly restaurants

So, this enterprising dad put his financial expertise to good use, making the world a little safer for food allergy sufferers who enjoy eating out. He envisioned and created AllergyEats as a peer-based website and smartphone app, giving people a convenient way to find, and rate, allergy friendly restaurants.

"I never refer to a restaurant, or frankly any place, as "allergy safe" because there simply can be no guarantees," said AllergyEats founder and CEO Paul Antico. "When I refer to a restaurant being ‘allergy friendly,’ on the other hand, I’m implying an establishment where the odds of a food allergic diner having a safe experience is higher than at non-allergy friendly restaurants."

The ratings, reviews, and restaurant recommendations on AllergyEats are given by food-allergic diners willing to share their experience with others in the food allergy community. The focus is not on food, service, or ambiance, but on how willing an establishment is to accommodate those with food allergies. Restauranteurs have no ratings input.

More than 425,000 menus listed

The site also has more than 425,000 menus listed, nutrition information, allergen lists, certifications, directions, web links, and more. Between the website, phone app, and AllergyEat’s social media sites, those with special food needs can make better-informed decisions about where to dine out.

The usefulness, comprehensiveness, and influence of AllergyEats is dependent on the participation of its members. Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to rate the restaurants you dine at, providing valuable feedback for others searching out allergy friendly eateries.

If enough members dedicate themselves to rating restaurants, AllergyEats may be able to alter the attitude of establishments that are currently allergy unfriendly. There is power in numbers, and a strong membership providing up-to-date ratings demonstrates to restaurant owners that accommodating food allergic diners is good for business.

It's simple to be part of the solution

It takes only a few minutes to sign on at AllegyEats and the review process is simple. Ratings are derived from your response to three fundamental questions

Isn’t that information you would like to have before taking yourself or a food-allergic family member to a new restaurant? Take time to explore, be reassured by the many credible endorsements you will find on their website, and consider becoming part of the solution that AllergyEats represents.

Reserve With Confidence Through OpenTable

Our relationship with OpenTable makes it easy to make a reservation with confidence that a restaurant is allergy friendly. With the AllergyEats app you can make a reservation at over 20,000 restaurants across the U.S.

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