Peanut Allergy Safe Candies That You Can Enjoy

Which candy bars are safe for those with peanut allergies? Those without allergies are accustomed to grabbing whatever they like from the convenience store or the grocery checkout line – but those with peanut allergies must weigh this decision carefully. Many popular candy bars are obviously out – Snickers and Mr. Goodbar both contain chopped peanuts, for example – but what about the many other varieties of candy bars that don't contain pieces of peanuts? Are they safe for those with allergies?

That depends on the company. Some candy makers use the same production lines for products containing peanuts and those without. Cross-contamination could mean that your favorite candy bar contains traces of peanuts, even if peanuts aren't on the ingredient list. Look for a warning that the candy was made in a facility that also handles peanuts. Unfortunately, many popular treats carry this warning – including Butterfingers, Milky Way, and 3 Musketeers, among others.

There are a few national brands that are known for their peanut allergy safe policies. Most Wonka candies are peanut-free, though Oompas and Wonka Bars are not. Mars Bars are one of the few candy bars available in the U.S. for which all sizes of the candy are free from peanuts.

Many other candy bars are only peanut-free in certain sizes. For example, the full-size versions of Kit Kat, 100 Grand, and Nestle Crunch are processed with peanuts. However, often the snack size versions are peanut-free. The regular size of plain chocolate Hershey bars is peanut-free, though the King Size and Mini versions may be processed with nuts.

Even if your favorite treat appears on this list, be sure to read the ingredient list for up-to-date information. Candy manufacturers can change their manufacturing process at any time, so even if you've been eating the same candy for decades, it may not always be safe to do so.

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