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Me and my wife were told that there are now individual liquid benadryl capsules. They are not pills but just squeezable liquid pouches that are travel size. Does any body know where to find these individual pouches?

By BestAllergySites on Wed, 03-24-10, 16:02

I'm wondering if you are talking about the individual liquid Benadryl single servings. They are called perfect measure prefilled spoons or something like that.

Try your local pharmacy or grocery store.

If that doesn't work. They are available online at drugstore.com


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By Mamaof3 on Fri, 07-11-14, 07:28

I know that I am several years "off" from this conversation but could you tell me if they still sell the Liquid Single Servings of Benadryl? I checked out the website you listed and couldn't find them. Maybe they don't manufacture them anymore???

Thanks for your help,

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