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What percentage of children with peanut allergies are actually allergic to peanuts?

By KirasMama on Thu, 09-02-10, 06:27

Are you kidding?
Let's go with 100%.

Maybe you meant to ask something completely different than you actually did?

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By cervonil on Thu, 09-02-10, 08:50

maybe they meant what percentage that test positive are actually allergic (have reactions) I have no idea what the answer would be on those false positives.

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By ses1978 on Thu, 09-02-10, 19:32

Not the smartest question. You either are or you aren't. There can be a small percentage of people test positive who can eat them and never have problems. There can be a small percentage of people who test negative but cannot be in the same room as them (like me). But please rephrase the question.

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By zeena2 on Fri, 09-03-10, 04:24

My daughter tests at a severe peanut allergy, even though she doesn't have reactions. We are very careful and take precautions. Maybe they are were wondering about that. How many test severe but don't have reactions.

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