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My son tested positive on a skin test for an allergy to peanuts, could he outgrow this? He was 5 at the time and now he is 9. Should I get him retested just in case there has been a change?

By AACMaven on Sat, 09-24-11, 22:47

You might try component tests. They weren't around when your child was 5 and are just catching on now, gaining approvals and so forth. They should be able to tell you whether your child is reactive, allergic, or seriously allergic to peanuts. Go to isitallergy.com to learn more.

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By kelli714 on Thu, 09-29-11, 15:59

That sounds like a great idea! He eats almost all the miniture candybars like kit kats, milky way, and m&ms. Also before we had the test done we ate at Chick Fil A quite often without any sort of reaction what so ever. So Ive always wondered.. Thank you for the advice!

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By pnkid06 on Sat, 09-24-11, 23:33

you should get him tested yearly so they can watch for upward or downward trends in his numbers. They can show if he is being contaminated and not reacting and they can also show if he has a continuous downward spiral the possibility of outgrowing it. My daughters numbers were going up and a strict change in her diet and no more eating out dropped her numbers in just one year.

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By kelli714 on Thu, 09-29-11, 16:01

Wow! There is still so much I dont know about this allergy. I would love to take him to get retested and hopefully they will give me some good news! If not, I guess I will defintely need to start researching more! Thanks for the advice!

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By JohnTrone on Sun, 09-25-11, 01:39

Yes, we also test yearly. We have some allergies trending down, and some trending up. Our son grew out of a few allergies, but not nuts.

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By kelli714 on Thu, 09-29-11, 16:03

Thanks! I think I will take him to get retested, need to find out one way or the other anyway! Would love to hear that he doesnt have a reaction to peanuts any longer. But if not, then I need to be more diligent in my efforts to learn about this allergy!

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By pnkid06 on Thu, 09-29-11, 21:10

just a little note. I would stop feeding him m&m's. They are likely to contain peanuts my doctor said the grind up all the extras from peanut m&m's and just throw it into the chocolate that is inside. I don't trust any of those bars, but thats just my comfort zone.

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By kelli714 on Mon, 10-03-11, 13:29

Thanks for the advice! I talked to a mom this weekend who has two kids with peanut allergies and they both can eat Chick-fil-A foods with no problem, does anyone else have problems eating there? We would love to eat there again but Im just afraid, my son has never experienced a reaction from eating there in the past but its been 4 yrs now that we stopped due to finding out about his allergy. I guess a lot of kids are able to eat there because they use refined peanut oil. There was another child that we met this weekend too that can tolerate Chick-fil-A. Any advice on that??

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By TraciC on Mon, 10-03-11, 14:41

I am in the same boat...my 7 1/2 year old daughter was just diagnosed last week with a peanut allergy (also tree nuts and sesame, in addition to other non-food allergens). She has never had any type of allergic reaction to things like Chick-fil-A (I had no idea this was a bad place!!) or any other peanut food. I am so confused about all of this and am not sure if we should be avoid ALL things that say they might have come in contact w/ peanuts or just things that have peanuts in the ingredients. Any advice/help is welcome.

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By cervonil on Wed, 10-05-11, 18:14

We stopped eating at Chick-fila too just b/c I was always so nervous, but he ate it just fine. Last week they had a school night there and my son really wanted to go, so we gave it a try and he was fine. I figured he would be because he has eaten there dozens of times before. It just makes me so nervous, I actually got a stomach ache! LOL

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By khaki on Wed, 10-05-11, 20:24

sorry--wrong place to post my question--new here!

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By pa daughter on Fri, 11-18-11, 04:54

Yes, I would def get retested. My Daughter will be 5 this month and we just got her tested and it came back positive for peanut allergy. It's been pretty rough since we found out but that's another story. About the Chick-fil-a comments. If one has a peanut allergy, it's okay to eat at Chick-fil-a because the peanut oil that they use is NOT cold-pressed and therefore does NOT contain the protein which is the allergen. That what our Allergist advised and here you can check out the website:


But we are advised to contantly recheck our food labels as processing techniques can change without notice. I wouldn't think that Chick-fil-a would change anything but just a word of caution. My Daughter has always eaten there and has never had a problem :)

Good luck to everyone!

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By AACMaven on Fri, 10-19-12, 16:35

You claim that your son has ever actually had a reaction to peanuts. With all the "treats" you let him eat, it's unlikely that he has never been exposed, and if he has never reacted, he probably doesn't have an allergy. A skin test by itself is not a reliable diagnostic tool without a good clinical history and perhaps some other tests. Also, in looking at Chick-fil-a's ingredients, I see nothing that should cause a peanut reaction. While they use peanut oil for frying, industrial quality peanut oil has all the proteins refined out if it, and it is the proteins that cause problems.

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By AACMaven on Fri, 10-19-12, 17:07

I should have said, "You don't claim that your son has ever actually had a reaction to peanuts."

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