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If you are allergic to peanuts can you eat hazelnuts

By ses1978 on Mon, 08-30-10, 15:44

I don't generally have problems with tree nuts or other nuts. I'm more at risk of developing an allergy to peas and beans than I am to other nuts. Peanuts are legumes as are peas and beans and are more closely related to them in terms of the proteins that make people allergic.

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By zeena2 on Sat, 09-25-10, 13:21

Hazelnuts I believe are considered to be tree nuts. The only problem with eating tree nuts if you are not allergic to them but are allergic to peanuts is that alot of tree nuts are manufactured in the same facility or on the same equipment as peanuts. So there is a chance of cross contaimination. I'm sure there are manufacturers out there with dedicated lines that do not manufacture peanuts at all. It would just take some checking into, though.

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By ses1978 on Sat, 09-25-10, 17:21

The only two companies I know that don't manufacture peanuts other than this Vermont Chocolate Company are Ferrero Rocher and Blue Diamond. I have been conducting this research into peanut free since I started having asthma attacks by ingestion back in 2007. There is also I.M. Healthy which makes a soy nut butter.

Hazelnuts, like walnuts and pecans, are tree nuts.

Soy nuts come from soy which is a legume similar to peanuts.

Unless one is allergic to tree nuts in addition to peanuts, the biggest chance of a cross reaction with peanuts is going to be with soy and other legumes.

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