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I have been allergic to peanuts and peanut butter my whole life, but I eat Jimmy Chips from Jimmy Johns, which are cooked in 100% Peanut Oil and I don't have a reaction. Am I not allergic to the oil?

By liseetsa on Thu, 01-13-11, 20:36

Some people, even doctors say refined peanut oil is fine. However, many people swear they react to peanut oil. The child in Chicago who just died at school, was said to react to peanut oil in the food whereas 2 other peanut-allergic children in the class did not react. Seems like you are taking unnecessary risks. We keep all peanut oil, peanut products, foods processed in a facility with peanuts, and treenuts (since they are usually processed with peanuts at some point) out of our house. My son ate peanut oil and peanut bits for 4 years before he suddenly becamse anaphylactic. But until his allergy is gone, we cannot risk it.

peanut anaphylaxis cure-fb.

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By ses1978 on Fri, 01-21-11, 20:03

I don't take any chances on that end. If the product contains peanuts, I cannot even be in the room with it before I end up with an asthma attack. More power to you though if you are willing to take such chances and aren't having any problems.

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