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Has anyone had any experience with Kirkland laundry detergent for PA children?

By JenEmm on Sat, 04-09-11, 02:11

I am allergic and have used it with no problem. I just didn't like it. The smell is very strong. (I'm in Canada so it may not be the same detergent at our Costco as the US ones)

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By jenbug on Sun, 04-10-11, 17:19

Thank you, my son is 4 with a PA and we went to my moms house where he had a reaction to something 3 different times. He did not eat anything and he has always been fine there. The only think that was changed was the laundry detergent and she changed to Kirkland HE. The only time he had the reactions was while he was building a fort in the sheets with his cousin.

Thank you for your post!

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