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Can you develop a peanut allergy in your 20's?

By victoriaswan on Fri, 04-16-10, 01:36

I've been eating peanuts and peanut butter since I was a child. I'm now in my late 20's and I find that when I eat peanut butter I get achy, tired and my throat feels swollen. These are all the same peanut allergy symptoms I've read online recently, and so I'm wondering if you can even develop a peanut allergy as an adult?

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By cmvervais on Fri, 04-16-10, 05:14

Yes, I've read that the allergy can develop at any time. You should probably consult with an allergist, and try to avoid nuts until you do. Good luck!

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By steviesparents on Fri, 04-16-10, 18:24

My husband was 34 when he developed his peanut allergy. His allergist said that you can develop one at any age.

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By barbfeick on Fri, 04-16-10, 21:43

My ex-mother-in-law got an egg allergy from a flu shot when she was in her 70s. Now she can't eat eggs.

Antibiotics are grown on a soy and peanut meal culture.

Peanut and soy oils are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and do not have to be listed on pharmaceuticals. This was changed for foods but not medicines. And it is a protected trade secret - protected by international law - so nobody will tell you which pharmaceuticals contain peanut oil.

Only the final culture medium has to be "safe ingredients". Up until that point the pharmaceutical companies use food waste to grow the cultures used in vaccines and medicines.

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By victoriaswan on Sat, 04-17-10, 04:45

Wow. That's really scary, especially considering how many children are allergic to peanuts these days.

Thanks for all the responses thus far. I've made an appointment to see my doctor next week to clear things up.

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By deejay3277 on Tue, 04-20-10, 12:32


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