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Can a person become allergic to peanuts as an older adult, when they have eaten peanuts all their life without a problem? A bloodtest for food allergies came back positive for peanuts.

By mpfrantti on Wed, 04-08-09, 12:22

Yes. Any allergy can develop at any time in life. I was 27 when my peanut allergy appeared, and it came on very suddenly (as far as I was aware). Juvenile allergies often disappear as a child gets older, but adult-onset allergies usually stay with a person for life. This is the information I was given by my doctor and what I've read when doing research.

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By BestAllergySites on Tue, 06-02-09, 17:07

Yes-an allergy can develop any time in life. However, please keep in mind that there are high false positive results on blood and skin tests.

You should also take into account any history of reaction to a type of food.

I would NOT avoid a food based on a test result alone but would ask your doctor for a food challenge-if you've had no reactions to peanuts thus far.

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