Where can I find peanut and tree nut free candy? Brand name would be great either at a store or on line? My usual on line store seems to be out of stock A LOT!

By cervonil on Tue, 09-14-10, 17:23

very interested in this info as well!

what type of brand name candy bars (that are made in a peanut free facility) have you seen actually exist? The only candy we've gotten is from Vermont Nut Free company and while it is great - would love for him to eat some of the candy bars he used to eat. (and that his sister eats)

Groups: None
By lllee50 on Sat, 12-25-10, 03:58

Have you tried PeanutFreePlanet.com They have candy and chocolate candy, snacks, etc.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Wed, 09-15-10, 00:38

We buy Nestle Kit Kat Candy Bars, Mars Bars, Aero Candy Bars, and smarties (kind of like M&M's) from www.peanutfreeplanet.com These candy bars are made in Canada in a peanut and tree nut free facility. The problem for me is they are very expensive and that online store is out of stock a lot. Also, even though it says they usually ship in 24 hours, that is not the case! It takes a while for them to process my orders. I'm waiting for them to process my order that I placed on Saturday. I'd LOVE to be able to buy some safe candy from a store. I know about the Vermont Nut Free company but I've never ordered from them.

Groups: None
By zeena2 on Wed, 09-15-10, 01:26

We've also bought the candy bars from peanutfreeplanet.com. They are very good, but it is hard to always have to place order if you just happen to want one candy bar.

Groups: None
By cervonil on Wed, 09-15-10, 13:50

Did you know that Junior Mints are made in a peanut/tree nut facility? YAY! All the Tootsie products are.


Groups: None
By nmainmom on Wed, 09-15-10, 14:44

Yes, I knew about Tootsie products are peanut/tree nut free. We do have these in our house. Thanks for the link thought I will share this with others. (school, other parents with peanut allergy children.) I'm still looking for MORE types of candies to pass out on special occasions at school. Thank you!

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Wed, 09-15-10, 14:15

I don't know about some of the candies mentioned before as here in the United States most of them are manufactured in facilities that also process peanuts. So it depends on how bad the peanut allergy is.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Wed, 09-15-10, 14:50

I know I have contacted the Tootsie company before and was given a website address to view but lost it recently. I was told by the Tootsie company the same thing about their products being peanut and tree nut free. Did you found out anything different? We've never given my daughter (peanut & tree nut allergy) jr. mints though. I can't chance it if it is made in a peanut/nut facility. That one candy could be deadly to my daughter.

Groups: None
By cervonil on Wed, 09-15-10, 16:46

This is the info I received from Tootsie today. I don't buy any chocolate made in a facility with other chocolate. My son's peanut allergy is very severe and he has been in the ER 3 times with anaphylaxis reaction.

Laura, thanks for contacting us. All our products are completely peanut, tree nut and nut product free. Please visit our web-site, www.tootsie.com for a complete listing of our products and also our peanut free disclaimer.

Groups: None
By zeena2 on Wed, 09-15-10, 23:35

My daughter has eaten the tootsie products without any problem. They have several products, but I don't think any of them are actually candy bars.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Thu, 09-16-10, 22:49

so far we haven't any problems with Tootsie products either.....Now if we could just get the tootsie company to make a chocolate candy bar and keep it peanut and nut free! =)

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Thu, 09-16-10, 19:43

I have generally been able to eat Nestle Crunch but just today I had a chocolate candy bar craving and learned that Nestle Crunch shares equipment with peanuts. As does Lindt. Heath bar had no such notation, nor did the Hershey's with Almonds. Haribo is iffy. Be careful of anything calling itself a goober or a Boston baked bean. Jelly Belly might be safe.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Thu, 09-16-10, 22:22

we stay away from Nestle Crunch because of the "shared" equipment with peanuts. It's been like that for years. My daughter's allergy to peanuts is just to severe. That's why I have to get her candy bars (Nestle, Kit Kat and Mars) from Canada. That facility is peanut free. (They are stamped with a peanut free sign too) And those candy bars freeze well. I would really love to buy a candy bar from a near by store that is safe for her. Looks like everyone else is having the same problem.

Groups: None
By zeena2 on Thu, 09-16-10, 22:40

Jelly Belly isn't always safe. They stated they did away with their peanut butter flavor, but I have still seen bags with the manufactured on the same equipment warning.

Groups: None
By cervonil on Thu, 09-16-10, 19:54

Jelly Belly is not safe - they have a peanut flavored jelly bean.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Thu, 09-16-10, 22:30

You are right! Cross contamination is very possible. We also buy our gourmet jelly beans from peanutfreeplanet.com. They are peanut free. My entire family loves them. They have 41 different flavors (no peanut butter) so, I guess they are similar to Jelly Belly?

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Thu, 09-16-10, 20:11

What about Sweettarts?

Groups: None
By cervonil on Thu, 09-16-10, 21:04

on the Wonka site the sweet tart labeling says made in a factory with wheat and/or eggs. They don't list the small snack size though, so you'd need to check the box. They appear to label for may contain and in a facility so that is a good sign. the only thing is some of their stuff is made in Mexico and I noticed it doesn't all carry those labels.

I don't by any brand name chocolate, even Hershey's. I don't think they label may contain b/c they clean in between runs. That's not good enough for me.

Groups: None
By cervonil on Thu, 09-16-10, 21:17

ya know I never knew Hershey's made York Peppermint Patties. Considering if you look on their website Hershey's makes at least 16 different candy bars with peanuts I don't trust them at all. I'm sure they clean and have great practices, but I don't want my son eating chocolate from a factory making that many peanut candy bars. I am so dissapointed right now. We gave up M&M's (his favorite) and now I think we'll have to give up these :( I'll call the company tomorrow - they are closed now.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Thu, 09-16-10, 22:38

Have you ever tried the chocolate smarties? (Nestle and made in Canada) They are similar to M&M's. Similar...not the same, they are bigger than M&M's and have that colored chocolate candy shell with chocolate in the middle. I've also just found "milk skippers" from Vermont Nut Free. (From an earlier post.) I've not tried them but I am thinking about ordering them as they are made in a nut free facility. (It seems) I'll check again on the web site before I order. It seems we are all in the same boat...trying to find safe candy for our loved ones.

Groups: None
By zeena2 on Thu, 09-16-10, 22:42

The skippers are wonderful. They come in both dark and milk chocolate. I think they are better than m&m's and my daughter just loves them.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Thu, 09-16-10, 22:47

Oh good thanks for that info. You never know how something is going to taste. I hate to pay a lot of money for something that doesn't taste very good. Then you eat it just because you paid so much for it. I'll place an order over the weekend for skippers then!

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Thu, 09-16-10, 21:20

I'm beginning to wonder if there really is any such thing as safe when it comes to candy?

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Thu, 09-16-10, 22:41

It seems like there are fewer and fewer candies out on the market that I feel are safe for my daughter. This isn't about candy but we just had to stop buying a lot of Hostess cakes. They are now made in a pecan and walnut facility. (She is allergic to peanuts and walnuts.)

Groups: None
By cervonil on Thu, 09-16-10, 21:44

unfortunately I think you are right about that SES1978. That's why people are paying $8.00 to buy small bags of candy from Canada! Plus shipping!

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Thu, 09-16-10, 22:45

Yep! Our peanut free candies were delivered last night. Each bag was $7.99 for 20 snack size candy bars. (Kit Kat and Mars) Plus shipping. (and $6.99 IF you need to have it shipped with the "cooler packs" so the candy doesn't melt, like we do.) You pay so much to get so little just to make sure your loved ones can have candy that is safe for them.

Groups: None
By cervonil on Thu, 09-16-10, 23:04

Are the Mars from Canada like Milky Ways? I can't tell from the picture. I want to buy them but they say out of stock right now. Also...the smarties...the only ones I see are the mixed bags and I don't know if my son would like coffee crisps or Aero bars. Do they sell just smarties?

Mini Skippers are very good! And they are very nice to order from.

we have to get the cooler too! It really adds up.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Thu, 09-16-10, 23:55

Yes, the Mars bars from Canada are similar to the Milky ways. Go to www.allerrific.com (peanutfreeplanet's other site) They have single boxes of smarties for sale. They also have the same candy bars. Watch this site...if I remember correctly some of their items are made from almonds. (Barney Butter) I've never ordered from the Allerrific site so be sure to check it out before you order.

Groups: None
By cervonil on Fri, 09-17-10, 08:57

thanks for the other site. I don't see the fun size Mars bars on that site. Frustrating! I can't get all 3 things from the same site, and I can't pay for shipping and the cooler from both!

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Fri, 09-17-10, 13:52

Wow...that is frustrating! I'd call or email one of the two sites and just ask if there is a way for you to email/phone/fax your order in have it packaged and shipped together and then only pay ONCE for shippping? It's worth a try. (I have no idea why both sites can't have the snack size candy bars and the chocolate smarties.???)

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Thu, 09-16-10, 23:18

Ferrero Rocher chocolates do not contain peanuts. Looking at their site now. They make the Nutella and awesomely decadent candies. Of course there are still nuts. http://www.ferrerochocolatesusa.com/


Groups: None
By zeena2 on Fri, 09-17-10, 22:33

So Ferroro Rocher is peanut free, but just not nut free? My daughter has a peanut allergy, but she isn't allergic to any other nuts. I never thought about checking out that brand before.

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Sat, 09-18-10, 19:29

Ferrero Rocher makes Nutella. Hazelnut chocolates mostly. And a really delicious coconut covered nut. Great for people allergic to only peanuts. Not the cheapest though.

Groups: None
By zeena2 on Sat, 09-18-10, 22:12

What is nutella? Is is a type of non-peanut peanut butter? Just wondering.

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Sat, 09-18-10, 22:15

Chocolate hazelnut spread made by Ferrero Rocher. High in protein. Very tasty. I guess to a degree it could be considered as a non-peanut peanut butter, but not really. Goes great on bananas, mixed with almond butter or soy butter, on top of gluten free desserts.

Groups: None
By cervonil on Tue, 09-21-10, 13:25

finally placed an order. This was the most frustrating experience ever! Every day they're website would be out of an item I wanted, so I'd wait a day and they'd have that item, but then they'd be out of another! I ended up missing out on the candy corn, and instead of getting the KitKat bags I had to get the mixed bags. They never answer the phone or call you back. Frustrating.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Tue, 09-21-10, 22:15

sorry to hear that! I know this past summer I had to 'watch" their site too because they were out of stock a lot. I hope you are pleased with the candy when it arrives. This is the only other site I know of to order peanut free candy. There is another web site that sells the peanut free candy AND peanut and nut candy so I haven't ordered from that site. Let me know how this turns out for you.

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Tue, 09-21-10, 18:54

Well, after about two weeks since placing an order through the store on this site, I finally got my nut free chocolates. So far, I'm impressed, but I did find out that the crisp candies have barley malt. At least I'm only gluten free because of wheat allergies in addition to peanut allergies! But the company who the chocolates come from, if I'm not mistaken, is dedicated nut free.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Tue, 09-21-10, 22:17

Glad your candy finally arrived and that you like it. I hope it is dedicated nut free. I can only assume my oreder will arrive in the next few days. (I hope)

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Sat, 09-25-10, 22:41

My order arrived last night. I didn't know it would be mailed from Vermont. Now, I know why it took 13 days. What we tried, we like too.

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Sat, 09-25-10, 23:32

The only thing I tried and didn't like were the cherry creams. But I like the crisp rice chocolates and the caramels are okay. Haven't tried the ginormous white chocolate pup on a stick yet.

Groups: None
By PABlondie on Tue, 09-21-10, 20:21

i stay safe and stay away from hershey and nestele i eat enjoy life chocolate products and vermont chocolate to make sure its safe and its in a guranted peanut and nut free facility

Groups: None
By zeena2 on Tue, 09-21-10, 21:20

My daughter is able to eat plain hershey bars and kisses without a problem, but we do stay away from nestles. They all seem to say either "may contain peanuts" or manufactured in the same facility.

Groups: None
By nmainmom on Tue, 09-21-10, 22:23

I call Hershey with product code in hand....and so far they have said their "single serve" Hershey candy bars do not contain peanuts and have been made on a dedicated line. (Same with the kisses) We haven't had any problems...but I wish they would label the candies "peanut free" if they really are peanut free.

Groups: None
By zeena2 on Wed, 09-22-10, 02:07

That would be great if they would label their candy as peanut free. It would be very helpful for others who are buying treats for school, too. I would love to find a peanut free / safe Nestle crunch bar for my daughter. But I haven't found one yet.

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Sat, 09-25-10, 17:26

I don't trust Nestle, Brach's, Hershey's or Mars brands at this point. Nestle and Brach's manufacture with wheat and peanuts. Hershey's also makes Reese's. And Mars makes Snickers. Unless I can find a popcorn ball, I'm skipping all Halloween candy this year except those dedicated as gluten-free which are quickly coming down to gummy candies. But even most of those aren't safe either. The quest for peanut free and gluten free candy is just getting to be too much for me, so it may be a sign to learn to make my own or to avoid it altogether.

Groups: None
By zeena2 on Sat, 09-25-10, 18:45

Have you checked into Divvies? All of their candy is peanut/tree nut free and gluten free. They have candy bars and even some ghost shaped chocolates for halloween. My daughter loves their benjamint bar.

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Sat, 09-25-10, 23:33

I sent a message to see about getting them in my local Whole Foods. But they all look good!

Groups: None
By ses1978 on Sat, 09-25-10, 18:50

I don't think I had even really heard of them. Don't have familiarity with them, but I will definitely check into this. Thanks for the tip!

Groups: None
By cervonil on Sun, 10-03-10, 21:15

OMG, I just opened up the bags that I got from peanut free planet - the candy is TINY!! I assumed they'd be the same "snack" size milky ways and kit kats and they are half the size!! for $7.99!!! I am so dissapointed. Of course my 4 year old won't care - but if he was a little older he would definitely notice. Too bad. Don't think I'll be ordering these again. I spent $50! LOL

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