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Is Cheez-it snack ok to eat around someone with peanut allergy

By BestAllergySites on Thu, 08-20-09, 15:31

It really depends upon the persons comfort level, age, etc.

Regular Cheez-its do not contain peanuts however you would need to ck the package to see if they are made in a facility where there are peanuts.

Most people would be okay with this so long as they are not eating it or coming into contact with it, but you'd have to ask the allergic person and/or the age of that person.

Younger kids tend to touch each other and other things with their hands more than older kids or adults.

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By jenniferbfab on Thu, 08-20-09, 19:13

This may sound odd coming from me, Ms. uber-conservative peanut allergy mom, but...my PA son eats Cheez-Its! And he has not had any reaction to them. Knowing me, I must have called and was either told the facility does not use peanuts or felt reassured by a good clear answer on cross-contamination procedures. So my 2 CENTS? I think it is okay to eat them near someone with PA. (My PA son LOVES them.)

Jennifer B

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By kmdeppa on Wed, 09-23-09, 17:59

My son with PA eats Cheez-Its. He hasn't had a reaction to them. From what we have read on the label they do not contain peanuts or are they made in a plant where peanuts are present. So I would agree with Jennifer that they would be ok to eat them near someone who PA.

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By dinosaurs1 on Wed, 09-23-09, 18:29

My son has a PNA and we have not had them, but I just read the label each time. I hope we are doing the right thing, because it can get kind of "crazy" if you think everytime you look at a label, you second guess it and call the company to see if peanuts are made there or something. We have read the labels and have been reaction free for one year. His recent Immunocap level also has went down:-)

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