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Does anyone eat Milky Way Simply Caramel Bar? There is no peanut warning on it.

By ses1978 on Tue, 10-26-10, 23:41

I have tried it. So far, no reaction to it or regular Milky Way. However, bear in mind that it is made by a company that does make a lot of candy that does contain peanuts. We are slammed yet again with the issue that the FDA needs to step up the warnings to include not only when a product actually contains peanuts but also the fact they should say when it has any chance of cross-contamination.

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By zeena2 on Tue, 10-26-10, 23:45

My daughter has ate several times without any reaction. She really likes it too, she's a big fan of caramel. We were thrilled when we saw it in the store and checked the label and it had allergy warnings on it, but not anything to do with peanuts. We don't eat the regular Milky Way (we have in the past) but the warnings always make me nervous to give it to her. I, too, really wish there were set warnings that either they have peanuts and/or cross contaimination or that they item is safe. Oh well, I guess it is just going to be a judgment call.

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By ses1978 on Wed, 10-27-10, 00:02

Yep. And if someone starts having a reaction to it, then they don't do it again.

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