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Can a Turkey be fried in another oil other than peanut oil?

By jrn on Thu, 11-18-10, 19:07

There's a great thread about this subject here:

Near the bottom someone discusses cottonseed oil. There is also a discussion of a "two-hour turkey" which you should consider. I cook a chicken like this weekly and it's fantastic. Just make sure to have it in a deep pan or otherwise account for the fact that, due to the high temperature, a lot of splattering occurs as the fat and juices drip into the pan.

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By zeena2 on Sun, 11-28-10, 04:45

Thank you for the thread link.

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By ses1978 on Wed, 12-01-10, 16:52

I would think any kind of oil except peanut oil would be suitable.

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